Slowly but surely…..

Finalcover  (click to view)

Well, I’m pleased to say that sales of the Amazon/Kindle e-book version of ‘A Matter of Doubt’ are escalating nicely. The print version (see above) will be released at around Xmas. The French translation (Un defi sans fin) is being published by Societe des Ecrivains (Paris) at about the same time. Yann Mege has made an fine job of the translation, and I somehow find it more ‘fitting’ for the subject matter – an opinion echoed by my friend Guy Capelle (ex-prof Sorbonne). There will probably be an e-book version of Un Defi… available in the first quarter of 2012.
Now it is a matter of making people aware of the book. If you haven’t yet read it, please do – and if you like it, do tell others! 600,000 new English-language books are published each year, so without a track record of writing novels, I have to find ways of making my book seen and heard. Social media, book readings and signings, book fairs and reviews are all underway.

Any other ideas ??
Thanks for visitng my blog, and once you have read the book, PLEASE do tell me what you think on and do write a review on Amazon



2 responses to “Slowly but surely…..

  1. I am a science curriculum writer who for several years has known of Claude Bernard’s importance to physiology, but only had a vague sense of it. These last several weeks I resolved to get clearer on it, and found myself totally compelled by J.M.D. Olmsted’s 1938 biography. As I read this, I have continually thought, “This life is the stuff of the greatest Hollywood dramatizations.” Finally it occurred to me to look and see whether Bernard can really be so neglected today, and I have just stumbled across your little book on I cannot wait to read it.

    • Thanks for your note: beyond CB’s enormous contributions to science, the interaction of the personal and the professional elements of his life also created sparks. Specifically, CB found himself in interesting situations with women. Surely, excellent material for a film. Wait and see……

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