At last, and as planned, both language versions of my book have been published in time for the New Year and are readily available (as below) in both print and e-book formats. I am getting a lot of positive feedback about the English print version.  However, I would be happy to hear even the most ferocious comment and your thoughts on the ‘final product’. If you feel so moved, please also consider writing a review for the book’s Amazon site. There has been more than one comment about the attractiveness of the theme for a ‘biopic’ film version. Hopeful still….
And now the launch:
Thanks to the generosity of the Mayor of Roquefort les Pins, France, each book will be launched at separate presentations in the Pavillon Bleu Cinema, adjacent to the Centre Culturel on the RD 2085 in Roquefort les Pins:
               On Tuesday, February 7th, 2012 at 19.00       ‘Un défi sans fin’  in French
               On Thursday, February 9th, 2012 at 19.00   A Matter of Doubt’ in English
I will present an illustrated theme of the book, with a penetrating look at its key character. Courtesy of theatrical friends, my talk will be interspersed with dialogues taken from the book. There will be 0pportunity for debate and discussion, some buffet refreshments and the possibility of purchasing signed copies.
                                                         EVERYONE WELCOME !
         ‘A Matter of Doubt – the novel of Claude Bernard’ (print version):            
         ‘A Matter of Doubt – the novel of Claude Bernard’ (e-book):         
         ‘Un defi sans fin – la vie romancée de Claude Bernard (print version)
         ‘Un défi sans fin – la vie romancèe de Claude Bernard (e-book)
Academic website:

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