The book launch(es)

A great week: the French version launched Tuesday – the English version on Thursday. Thanks to good publicity from Nice Matin and others, the attendance was good, and the theatrical representation of book dialogues was truly professional. It did my heart good to see my words acted out on stage. Roll on the film version…..

The questions and comments were interesting, with not one concern about the vivisection issue. People thought that during the 19th century, vivisection was indeed a necessary path towards discovery. Interesting comment about the popularity of Bernard at that time (5000 following his state-supported funeral procession) compared with the comparative obscurity of CB today, when compared with (say) Pasteur.

Yes! At that time, Bernard was seen as a visionary with feet on the ground. Pasteur took over later with his self-publicised achievements which had more immediate impact on human welfare through vaccination etc.  It was generally agreed that Bernard’s achievements and concepts needed to be revived – as in making more of his bicentenary next year!

Bernard was surely a workaholic, with all else coming second in importance. His insistence on precision and certainty brought up a comment about possible autistic tendency. Perhaps….

Do keep in touch with further developments – and please feed back to me your comments and criticisms of the book: all welcome.



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