Bernard and Pasteur – such contrasting characters….

They differed strikingly in their attitude and approach to the world around them. Bernard was modest – Pasteur full of himself; almost arrogant. Because of his research, Bernard was reviled by his family -Pasteur’s family adored him. Bernard held the interest of his audience by the compelling content, even if haltingly delivered – Pasteur held the interest of his by his smooth self-confident rhetoric. Bernard insisted on providing incontrovertible proof – Pasteur relied on people’s belief in his persuasive argument and tone. Bernard refused to ‘borrow’ the ideas of others for his own purposes – Pasteur both used and abused the work of others to achieve his  goals and reputation. Bernard helped his assistants and colleagues to achieve stardom – Pasteur subjugated his assistants and colleagues in order to enhance his own image. Bernard gained the recognition, the gratitude and even the affection of his profession – Pasteur strived to win the admiration of the world. These two men were friends, and despite differing approaches they were equally brilliant scientists. There are profound lessons to be learned from the way that they achieved their individual successes.


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