CYBERNARD – an analytical exploration of Bernard’s writing

Why does a person write in a particular way? What does it tell us about him or her – and about his or her reasoning? Artificial intelligence (AI) methods have already been used to analyse the work of eminent writers like Heine and Flaubert with these questions in mind, using a program specially developed for that purpose.

Over the last five years, a team representing three different French institutions have been using ‘AI’ methodology to study the scientific works of Claude Bernard: particularly analysing what he wrote for the wider public in the Revue des Deux Mondes. Remember that it was  for his writing as much as his science that he won his ‘seat’ in the Academie Francaise…..

Read about the Cybernard project in more detail in this (bilingual) abstract: , and I will share the results and conclusions of the study with you once they become available to me.

Meanwhile, feel free to join me on as wisepeter1, on as wisepeter, email me on or simply add your comment to this blog. If you wish to dig deeper into Bernard’s life and work, you may be interested in a detailed biography, quotations, articles, images and a bibliography on my bilingual (French/English) academic website ….

…and there is always my novel ‘A Matter of Doubt’ or its French translation ‘Un defi sans fin’ (see earlier blogs). These are a ‘must’ if you really want to know about the man and his life !!!



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