This blogsite  is devoted to the great 19th century French scientist, Claude Bernard. My first blog, published several months ago, explores my relationship with Bernard and its origins, and further posts move gradually towards publication of my book(s) and the interesting issues that arise in relationship to Bernard and  his life.

My own history? It’s simple enough. Born 1937 in Vienna, I have my education at the other side of the world – in Adelaide, South Australia, where I later also study medicine. Specialising in endocrinology in the UK, I eventually settle in London with my family, practising my specialty, teaching and researching at the Charing Cross Hospital and Imperial College School of Medicine. I also explore my continental roots and travel widely, both professionally and for pleasure.

When I retire in 2000, I move to France – amongst other reasons to write: yet after 40 years of scientific writing, discovering a new genre looks attractive. Since I have always revered the science of Bernard and want to know more about the man, I decide to research his life in depth, and then write a (biographical) novel about him that will explain what he stood for and how he got to be the man that he was.

The important first step is to establish a database: a comprehensive reference website in both English and French which will be an important resource for me and my novel – but also for anyone else interested in his life and work (www.claude-bernard.co.uk). I also spend several years walking in Bernard’s footsteps, and meeting people who share my interest in him. Many people discover that interest, and I am soon asked to lecture in France on his life and work.

The book itself takes almost 5 years to write, and I decide at the outset that it will have to be available both in English and French – and ideally as both an e-book as well as in print. This is achieved almost simultaneously in December 2011, thanks to my translator, Yann Mège and the Sociéte des Ecrivains, Paris.

Now read on…….


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